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Why do we need a Voice to Parliament?


A Voice will mean the Government will have better quality information about First Nations issues and concerns, delivered directly from communities themselves. Information from communities will result in better quality laws and policies, better targeted investment and ultimately better outcomes for First Nations people across many sectors.

Basically, Indigenous Australians who know their communities well will talk directly to politicians in Canberra and offer practical solutions about the unique challenges faced by those groups, including those relating to jobs, health, education, and justice.

Far too many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to experience lower quality of life and social and health outcomes than non-Indigenous Australians. Despite their good intentions, governments and Parliaments have previously been unable to come up with effective and lasting solutions to this inequity. A Voice to Parliament will ensure that Indigenous people affected by decisions made about them can directly advise politicians about what really works in their communities. The Voice won’t grant First Nations people extra rights - but it will allow them to be heard.