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Hi, I'm Dr Monique Ryan.

I’m certainly not a career politician, which is why I’m the right candidate for Kooyong. I’m like you and care about our community, and that’s why I’m stepping away from my role as Director of Neurology at the Royal Children’s Hospital to run as your Independent candidate. 

Like many of us, I can see that Australian politics is broken. This Liberal-National Government has had more than a decade to act on the enormous threat of climate change, and to create an economy that can benefit from that transition. But politicians don’t seem to answer to us; they won’t even implement basic measures to clean up corruption and the chronic mistreatment of women. 

If we keep voting the same, we can’t expect things to change. 

So it’s time for us to stand up. This election, I’m offering Kooyong a real alternative: a fresh, independent voice truly dedicated to our community.

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Dr Monique Ryan for Kooyong
Dr Monique Ryan for Kooyong