I was born and raised in this area, one of seven children. I went to school here, before studying medicine at The University of Melbourne and then paediatric training in Melbourne and Sydney. I trained as a paediatric neurologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, the #1 paediatric hospital in the world.  

Now back in Kooyong, before standing as your Independent candidate, I ran the neurology department at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

I am honoured to have been recognised as a leader in my field of nerve and muscle disorders of childhood, and to have pioneered the use of genetic therapies for these ailments.

I have raised my children in Kooyong, where they loved growing up and going to school. I can think of no better place to raise a family: that’s why we chose to do so right here in Hawthorn. 

I’m definitely not a politician. But I have become increasingly concerned over the years about the effects of climate change and our government’s inactivity on this front. More recently I was driven to action by frustration at our appalling display at COP26.


Why am I running?

I have an interesting and engaging career; I was head of a department of more than 50 people in a major public hospital with an outstanding research team engaged in clinical trials and novel therapeutics. I have a busy home life with three children at home, all undertaking secondary or tertiary studies. 

I’m running for Kooyong because I’m worried that my children might not have the opportunities I’ve had, because our environment and economy might be blighted by the effect of human-induced climate change. I can no longer look away from the incipient disaster of rising sea levels, warming of the land and loss of our flora and fauna. 

This government has had close to a decade to respond to the climate emergency and do what the Kooyong community wants – take real and immediate action on climate change for the sake of our children, our continent and the globe. If they won’t do that, then it’s time for others to step up and act where they won’t. I think people feel helpless around the issue of climate change. We need to remember that we do have a voice; we have a vote. It is time for each of us to make our votes count on the issues and values that matter to us.  

The people of Kooyong can have a representative who will listen to what they want; a representative committed to responsible economic policy with foresight and long-term planning, to integrity and honesty in politics, true equality and safety for women and girls, social cohesiveness with an end to the politics of division, and world-standard health and aged care.