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I’m Dr Monique Ryan, your Independent MP for Kooyong.

One of seven children, I was born and raised in Kooyong and attended primary and secondary school here. I studied medicine at the University of Melbourne, with specialist paediatric training in Melbourne and Sydney. I trained as a paediatric neurologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, the #1 paediatric hospital in the world. 

Before becoming your Independent Member for Kooyong, I was Director of the Neurology Department at the Royal Children’s Hospital. I ran a department of more than 40 people, had a busy clinical practice, and was also head of a research team involved in clinical trials of nerve and muscle disorders of childhood. I held professorial appointments at Melbourne and Monash Universities, and have extensive experience in development and licensing of new medications. 

My husband and I have raised our three children in Hawthorn, where they have been able to enjoy our beautiful parks and community sporting facilities; our fantastic schools and vibrant local shopping strips; and the beauty of the Yarra river and our local flora and fauna. We cherish our beautiful Kooyong and want to ensure that it’s a great place to live for future generations.

I’m not a career politician. I felt compelled to stand up for my community after years of federal government inaction on so many issues of concern:  climate change, declining integrity in politics, persistent gender inequality, and lack of serious economic reform to tackle the big issues like taxation, housing affordability, and cost of living pressures. 

In May 2022, with the support of an extraordinary community campaign, I was elected by the people of Kooyong to represent their views and values on these and other issues.

I am the first Independent and the first woman to represent Kooyong in its 121 year history.

As your Independent Member of Parliament, I:

  • Consult with, represent, and advocate for the views of our Kooyong community
  • Draft and propose legislation in parliament [see my Lobbying (Integrity and Honesty in Government) Bill]
  • Improve government legislation through amendments
  • Vote to support or oppose legislation, and,
  • Keep issues on the agenda that the Government and Opposition parties want to ignore or bury.

I am not beholden to any faction, political party or vested/corporate interest.  My job is to represent my Kooyong constituents and the matters you care most about. I strive to do that with compassion, care and integrity and my staff and volunteers are proud of their hard work on your behalf.