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My Policies

Over the second half of 2022, I welcomed everyone in Kooyong to share with me what mattered most to them, through our Community Survey.

Across the electorate, it was clear that people wanted to see politics done differently. They wanted to be an active part of the process, and they wanted their politicians to be directly accountable to them - not to a party structure or to vested interests.

My commitment to the people of Kooyong is that my vote will always be independent, informed by the evidence, and guided by consultation with the electors of Kooyong. There will be no backroom deals, no factional pressures, and no debts to big business. As the Independent member for Kooyong I will be a conduit and a connection between our community and our Federal parliament.

My commitment is to faithfully represent the views and values of the people of Kooyong and to listen to the experts on the issues that face our community. My policy priorities will not be determined by any donor, lobbyist, or party. If you would like to have your say, please complete the Kooyong community survey here, or contact me at [email protected].

My policy priorities, which reflect what I heard from the community through many meetings, conversations, and our Community Survey, are reflected below.

Health care

Australians value their world-class healthcare system, but the pandemic revealed significant shortcomings in caring for our most vulnerable. My priorities are: Urgent, substantive improvements in the provision of primary health care Ensuring...
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