Policy Priorities

My vote will always be independent, informed by the evidence, and guided by consultation with the electors of Kooyong. There will be no backroom deals, no factional pressures, and no debts to big business. As the independent member for Kooyong I will be a conduit and a connection between the community and our Federal parliament. 

My commitment is to faithfully represent the views and values of the people of Kooyong, and to listen to the experts on the issues that face our community. My policy priorities will not be determined by any donor, lobbyist or party.

For more detail on my key policies, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Now is the time for climate action. By taking advantage of Australia’s abundant renewable energy resources, we’ll create a bright future. My priorities are to:
  • Reduce emissions by at least 60% by 2030, in line with Zali Steggall’s Climate Change Bill
  • Accelerate electrification and decarbonise our electricity supply
  • Speed up the uptake of electric vehicles and strengthen emissions standards
  • Empower households to make the shift to clean energy

We are a smart country. By embracing renewable energy, we can create a strong, diversified and clean economy, create the jobs of the future, and reduce energy bills. My priorities are to:
  • Invest in Australian research and development
  • Position Australia to harness the massive job and investment opportunities from decarbonisation
  • Promote a strong sustainable recovery from COVID for small and medium businesses, universities and the arts
  • End taxpayer subsidies to fossil fuel industries

We can restore faith in our democracy. We need to keep our politicians honest and accountable and stop rorts, pork-barrelling and corruption. My priorities are:
  • A strong and independent federal anti-corruption commission
  • Root and branch reform of political campaign funding
  • Truth in political advertising
  • Support for media diversity and a well-funded ABC and SBS

Our national government needs to show leadership in its promotion of equality, respect and safety for women at home, in the workplace, and the community. Empowering women’s workforce participation contributes to economic growth and prosperity. My priorities are:
  • Funding programs to prevent discrimination, harassment and violence against women
  • Better pay, training, and career paths for workers in childcare, disability support, and aged care
  • Affordable childcare and expanded access to early childhood education

Just as Australia values a fair go for all, the Kooyong community is inclusive, generous and welcoming. My priorities are:
  • Humane treatment and speedy processing of refugees
  • Promotion of diversity and cohesion in our workplaces and our communities
  • Protecting the rights of vulnerable minorities, including the LGBTIQ+ community
  • Support for reconciliation with Australia’s First Nations, including acceptance of the reforms called for in the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Australians value their world class health care system, but the pandemic has revealed significant shortcomings in care for the most vulnerable. My priorities are:
  • Urgent implementation of the Aged Care Royal Commission recommendations
  • Improved access to mental health services for young people
  • Improved accountability for service provision in National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Investment in innovative medical technologies and onshore manufacturing


For more detail on my key policies, see Frequently Asked Questions.

These are the issues I’ve heard most about in my conversations with the people of Kooyong. I’ll continue to consult with the Kooyong community throughout my campaign and as your Member of Parliament. As your Independent member, I will always represent the Kooyong community with transparency, honesty and integrity.  

To share your views and concerns, please contact me at [email protected]