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I am committed to being fully transparent about my voting record.

My vote will always be independent. It will be informed by evidence and it will always be guided by the people of Kooyong.

The people of Kooyong, like all Australians, value fairness, integrity and respect. They seek outcomes not just for their individual interests but for decency and democracy and, above all, for the next generation to be safe and prosperous in a hospitable world.

As the first independent elected for Kooyong, every one of my votes will be a conscience vote.

My aim is to attend every division (formal vote in the House of Representatives). If I do not attend a division, I will be transparent about the reason I did not attend.


You can see how I voted in every division here.


Most decisions made in the House of Representatives are by a vote “on the voices”. This means the MPs who are present in the chamber call out “aye” or “no” and the Speaker declares the result without a record being made of the individual votes. If you would like to know how I voted on a matter decided “on the voices”, please contact me.