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The Final Countdown!

With Election Day less than three days away, it’s FULL ON in Kooyong and we need your help!

Early voters are turning up by the thousands at pre-poll locations in Hawthorn and Box Hill. Since pre-poll opened, 12,438 people have voted at Hawthorn alone. These are huge numbers compared to 2019 – the equivalent of one big booth voting every single day.

Monique has been out on hustings from 8.00 am to after 6.00 pm every day, sometimes in cold pouring rain, and always accompanied by our Teal Army.

The ‘vibe’ has been great at pre-poll but there is no doubt that the result is on a knife-edge. The incumbent has been mailing out flyers every single day – this week Kooyong residents have received two flyers attacking Monique and a letter from John Howard. Perhaps there will even be a visit from the current Prime Minister?

Night Owls

As the Liberals’ attack campaign has stepped up, so too has the vandalism of our yard signs and corflutes. We have a team of 130 volunteers who go out every single day to clean and repair Monique’s defaced signs – some of the many unsung heroes of the Teal Army.

With the sharp escalation of attacks on Mon’s yard signs, we have reluctantly taken the decision to hire security guards to protect our signage at our Election Day booths. We are allowed to put up our signs and bunting on Friday afternoon, but unfortunately, our opponents are known to pull down the signage of other campaigns overnight. We have a group of volunteer ‘night owls’ on watch, but we have had to supplement them with a security company at the cost of $18,000.

Our election day prep crew has put thousands of hours into making ready our signs and decorations for the big day. We don’t want their amazing work to be destroyed or go to waste.

Can you help us fund the cost of security guards to protect Monique’s Election Day signage?


Send in the reinforcements!

We have 1200 volunteers for election day, working at the booths during the day and scrutineering at night. However, with Covid as our constant companion, a number of our volunteers have fallen ill this week. So we need to sign up 200 more volunteers to assist with handing out How to Vote cards on election day.

This is absolutely your last chance to help Monique get over the line in an extremely tight race. If you have two or more hours free to help on Saturday, or you have a friend or family member who would like to help out, please sign up here. We can promise you a lot of fun and also the immense satisfaction that comes from being part of history in the making.


Field of Mars

In ancient Rome, a field between the city and the Tiber was dedicated to the god Mars. This Field of Mars (Campus Martius) was the place where citizens gathered for important festivals, to be counted in the census, and as an assembling ground for elections.

Our hope to use Glenferrie Oval as our Field of Mars was stymied by Boroondara council. So instead, we will have our final gathering and election preparation at our headquarters, on Thursday at 6:30 pm. And while Carpark of Mon doesn’t have quite the same ring as Field of Mars, we know it will be crackling with energy, excitement and anticipation just the same.

This is our last opportunity to gather as a group before our big party on Saturday night, and it will be a special moment for us to celebrate how far we have come!

Election Night Party

We still have a few tickets left for our historic election night celebration. It’s going to be the biggest party Kooyong has ever seen! If you’d like to join us, please register here.

And finally, with 10+ hours on her feet every single day at pre-poll, Monique hasn’t been able to write a personal note this week. But you know what she would say:



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