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Addressing the Cost of Living Crisis

Australians are facing a cost of living crisis with wages failing to keep up with the increasing cost of groceries, power bills, rent and mortgages.  Our community is hurting while corporate profits and executive bonuses are skyrocketing.

Kooyong residents tell me that the government should be doing more to address the cost of living.  I agree. In response to consultation with my community, I have:

  • Successfully lobbied to halve the price of prescription drugs for 6 million Australians
  • Called for a revision of the Stage 3 tax cuts for high income earners to ensure that they don’t increase inflation in Australia
  • Called on the government to stop price-gouging by Woolworths and Coles 
  • Urged the government to build 100,000 new homes and double Commonwealth Rental Assistance
  • Advocated to supercharge the renewable energy boom with record investment in clean, cheap energy
  • Called for a review of HECS/HELP indexation to remove unfairness in the debt repayment rules for tertiary students