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Super Charged!

With only seven days left until early voting begins, Team Mon is in top gear. 

HQ is jumping!  In addition to the usual hectic activity of Monique and her campaign team, there is a steady stream of people dropping by to pick up t-shirts, make donations, and soak up the electric atmosphere of a community campaign that is still building momentum!

The power tools have arrived this week, with our magnificent carpentry team preparing some surprises for election day.

And now that the national media has finally realised what we’ve known for weeks, TV network film crews have become daily visitors to our Hawthorn HQ.



And that’s just at HQ! The vibe on the streets is just amazing. The Teal Army is everywhere – handing out flyers, knocking on doors, and sharing the great news about our Independent candidate for Kooyong.  

We know how much you love statistics so here goes. As of Sunday morning, Monique’s community campaign has:  

  • signed up 1654 enthusiastic and hard-working volunteers 
  • knocked on 35,000 doors
  • made 8,000 phone calls
  • received $1.4m from 3000+ donors
  • put up 2500+ signs on the front fences and yards of Kooyong
  • had 3.1 million impressions on Twitter in the past week

Kooyong, your climate is changing! 

Last Wednesday night, a capacity crowd gathered at Hawthorn Arts Centre for one of the most anticipated events on the election calendar – the Kooyong Candidates Forum.  

With climate change as the number one issue for Kooyong voters, it was a great opportunity for constituents to ask questions of the major candidates about their position on climate change action. 

Monique talked about her support for Zali Steggall’s climate action bill, with its emissions reduction target of at least 60% by 2030. That bill is ready to go. If Monique is elected, negotiating for a more ambitious 2030 emissions reduction plan and a strong federal anti-corruption commission are her major priorities.


The local MP, Josh Frydenberg, declined to attend the Kooyong Candidates Forum. Instead he went to the nearby Glenferrie Hotel to hang out with his mates rather than talking to his electorate about the things which matter to us.

For those who missed the Kooyong Candidates forum, it can be viewed at this link.

Mon’s EV policy: driving a better future 

Kooyong residents have been telling Monique what they want – urgent action on climate change and the massive economic boost that is ours for the taking if we truly embrace policies that rapidly take us to net zero emissions.  

And when Mon is in Canberra, she plans to deliver!

Last Wednesday, Monique announced her Electric Vehicle (EV) proposal, which is designed to supercharge our switch to zero emissions – while driving Australia into pole position in the fast-growing EV market. 

We all know that Kooyong drivers don’t need convincing about the benefits of transitioning to EVs. Interest is very strong!  But, the range of models is too limited, too expensive, and the waiting lists are too long. Until we legislate clean car standards, car makers have no incentive to send their efficient/electric models here – Australia has become a dumping ground for high emissions/polluting vehicles.

Mon has some clear practical policies to address this shameful situation.

–  Legislate clean car standards to ensure Australians have access to efficient cars.

–  Provide a $5000 rebate to help 300,000 motorists buy EVs (funded by eliminating Luxury Car tax discounts for high-polluting cars). 

–  Make the world’s electric vehicle batteries here in Australia. 

Electric vehicles improve our environment and our health. And they are less expensive to run, which is great for consumers. 

We need to seize this opportunity. We need to vote out the politicians who claim that EVs will ‘end the weekend’ – and start telling the world that Australia wants the next major EV battery and electric vehicle factory built right here! 

Want to help Mon take her EV policy to parliament? Donate now!


Our winning vollies

Last week, Josh Frydenberg called Mon a ‘fake Independent’ –  ‘a slogan, a billboard, nothing more.’  This disrespectful slur against his opponent was not just an attack on Monique – it was an attack on the thousands of Kooyong community members who support her.  

Our strong community base is the foundation of this very real independent campaign, run for and by the people of Kooyong.  

As election day rushes towards us, time is running short to join our Teal Army.  Early voting starts in 7 days and we need at least 30 people a day to help at the Early Voting centres – not to mention a real force out there on election day!

So join Team Mon’s volunteer crew now and show Josh just how real this campaign truly is!

You’re looking good, Kooyong! 

Since our last call out hundreds more of you have ordered campaign signs bringing us to more than 2500. But we still need 500 more to hit our 3000 sign target before election day. 

Get an attention-grabbing real estate-style sign or classic corflute for your home or business.

Yes! Sign me up – large (‘real estate’ size) - LAST CHANCE FOR A BIG ONE!!!!

Yes! Sign me up – regular (‘corflute’ size)

Like and share – again!

Now’s the time when your socials can really show what we’re about. Engage on Twitter. Share on Facebook. Make sure you get the real messages of this campaign out there for people to see! And don’t forget to #Mon4Kooyong!

As you know, these weekly missives are always packed with useful goodies for supporters, so share this email with a friend!

Note from Mon

Dear all, 

The countdown is on and things are moving faster than ever on the campaign trail. Speaking of clean and quiet movement (!), I was delighted to launch my electric vehicle proposal this past  week at a local Kooyong company, Green Energy Trading. There are many businesses in Kooyong with years of experience and commitment to the new clean economy. Our government should be working to foster engagement with and support of these businesses as we decarbonise. I’m really looking forward to supporting business development in Kooyong after 21 May.  

My EV proposal advocates for the legislation of clean car standards and proposes a budget-neutral rebate of $5000 to help 300,000 Australian motorists buy zero-emissions electric vehicles. We’ll also need to work with local governments to improve access to charging facilities and push for all Government fleet purchases in Australia to be electric vehicles. Australia can’t afford another decade of stalling from a government in action. We can do better!

Other highlights this past week included the Kooyong Candidates forum, and meetings with groups of our most senior residents as well as many young and future voters. As it’s become more obvious that the Kooyong election is going to be SUPER close, we’re attracting a lot more media attention and the team at Mon HQ is getting used to lights and cameras sharing the space with the phone callers, the TikTokkers, the Youth4Mon team, the volunteer coordinators, the corflute team, the donations team, the data crunchers, the mapmakers, the sign repairers, the carpenters, and the policy and email teams. 

There are more Liberal volunteers on the streets now too and things have been a bit –  shall we say – ‘’interesting” –  at times. We all need to remember why we’re doing this – because we want a better, kinder, more generous, more inclusive, cleaner, greener Kooyong.  In the face of testiness from our opponents, we will always take a deep breath, smile and turn the other cheek. 

 Three weeks to go. Chop wood, carry water, 500 votes. 

Let’s do this, Kooyong! 


What’s on, Mon?

Sky News/Herald Sun Kooyong People’s Forum

Mr Frydenberg has so far avoided going head-to-head with Monique in front of a Kooyong audience, missing several candidates’ forums at local high schools and flat out refusing to come to the Kooyong Candidates Forum last week to speak with his constituents on his government’s climate action record and plan. 

But, at long last, Josh has agreed to debate Mon at the Hawthorn Arts Centre with an audience of undecided Kooyong voters. The Sky News Kooyong People’s Forum will run on Thursday 5 May starting at 2 pm. The debate will be shown live on Sky News, Sky New Regional Free-to-Air, FLASH and streamed live online.

As always, Mon welcomes the chance to share her vision, listen and learn from the people she plans to serve here in Kooyong. 

We know that Mon absolutely cannot wait to show exactly what a strong Independent candidate can achieve when she truly represents the people in her community. 

Want to keep your calendar up to date? Find out about all our upcoming events here.

Election Night Party

We have booked the Auburn Hotel for our election night party.  It’s a chance for Monique’s volunteers and supporters to join together to watch the election results and to celebrate all of our amazing hard work.  

Televisions will be scattered around the venue so that we can watch the evening unfold and there will be plenty of food and drink. 

Book your place now at Monique’s election night party! 

Meet Mon 

Meet Mon at HQ (655 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn)

Tuesday 3 May, 1-2pm

Friday 6 May, 2-3pm

Street Meet and Greets 

Tuesday 3 May, 4-5:30pm, Woolworths, Camberwell

Wednesday 4 May, 12:30-1:30pm, Whitehorse Road, Balwyn

Friday 6 May, 11am-12pm, Maling Road, Canterbury

It’s raining Mon! 

Can’t stop. Won’t stop…coming up with great new ways to make sure we can keep Mon’s campaign out on the streets of Kooyong. 

As the skies start darkening with late autumn rain clouds, what better way to brighten up the place than with our new teal brolly?!

Get out and about with this statement umbrella, and show everyone that Team Mon means business – whatever the weather.  

Want to spring into the election, ready for anything? Pre-order your new Mon brolly now and let’s make it rain!


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