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On a Knife Edge

With the battle for Kooyong on a knife edge, Monique’s campaign is now attracting extensive national and local media coverage.  And we are chopping wood and carrying water as fast as we can!

Our favourite article from the past week was this insightful analysis by veteran Age journalist, Tony Wright. If you missed it, you can read it here.

And just in case you missed Monique’s head to head debate against the Treasurer, you can view it here. It is well worth a view.  

In the words of The Age, ‘Had a stranger to Kooyong wandered into the Hawthorn Town Hall yesterday and copped an earful of the debate between Josh Frydenberg and Monique Ryan, they might not have realised that one of them is an accomplished politician and the other an amateur aspirant.  Such is the confidence with which Ryan is laying seige to what was, not that long ago, considered a forever Liberal seat, she was prepared to swap policy barbs with the treasurer about Australia’s economy, relations with China and even tax reform.’ (Chip Le Grand, Kooyong conundrum laid bare’, The Age, 6 May 2022).

Early voting

Early voting opens this morning. For your convenience, you can find information about early voting here

You can find a copy of Monique’s ‘How to Vote' information here.

When you vote, it is vital that you VOTE MONIQUE RYAN 1 and then make sure that you NUMBER EVERY BOX to ensure your vote counts. 

This election is going to come down to 500 votes so it’s crucial that you cast a formal vote (with all 11 boxes numbered) otherwise it will not be counted.  If you make a mistake you can ask an AEC official for a new ballot at the polling station.

If you’d like additional information on what Monique stands for you can see her list of policy priorities here.

Please consider circulating this email to your friends and family or other networks, and encourage them to support Monique and her stance on climate action, a strong economy, and integrity.

Volunteers for Election Day

This is your last opportunity to sign up as a volunteer to hand out How to Vote cards on election day. In a tight election, this activity is crucially important. The conduct of our amazing volunteers creates the culture shift that we want to see in politics!  

We need all hands on deck as we search for every last vote. If you’d like to hand out How to Vote Cards on election day, please sign up here.

This is our last call for volunteers so please don’t miss out being a part of history!

Last Call for Donations

We know that the Liberals are planning a massive advertising blitz for the final two weeks of the campaign, hoping to swing undecided voters to the incumbent.  Every dollar that we raise from now until Election Day will be used to fund digital advertising.  

And while we can never match the millions of dollars being spent by the Liberals to hold Kooyong, our donors have made it possible to hold our own with digital advertising.

It’s never too late to donate and you can do so here.

Election Night Party

Join us on election night for the biggest party Kooyong has ever seen!  It’s a chance for Monique’s volunteers and supporters to join together to watch the election results and to celebrate all of our amazing hard work.  

Televisions will be scattered around the venue so that we can watch the evening unfold and there will be plenty of food and drink. 

Book your place now at Monique’s election night party! 

Meet Mon at HQ

Monique will be out and about on the hustings all week.  But you can still come and meet her at her headquarters at 655 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn.  No booking is necessary.

Meet Mon times this week: 

Wednesday 11 May, 2-3pm
Friday 13 May, 2-3pm


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