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May the 4th be with you

Need a little mid-week tonic on this chilly day? Well, here’s something to warm your cockles. Since we last wrote to you on Sunday morning, Monique’s campaign is flying high.

Since Sunday morning…. 

  • Another 150 signs went up around Kooyong. Which means (drum roll) we’ve hit our 3000 sign election day goal!  We are absolutely blown away by the community solidarity for Monique’s campaign. Early voting starts in 5 days. If you haven’t got a sign – order one now.

  • Our incredible volunteers knocked on thousands of front doors around Kooyong over the weekend – bringing this campaign’s door-knocking to a record-beating tally of 42,061.

    That means we’ve reached 85% of Kooyong! If we get another 500 volunteers to sign up this week, we’ll be able to reach every single house in our electorate.
    So sign up and let’s do this thing! 

  • Since Sunday morning, 244 individual supporters have donated a whopping $77,185. Your generous donations enable Monique to hold her ground in digital advertising, where the incumbent and the Liberal Party are spending eye-watering amounts. 



And while the Empire is Striking Back with an avalanche of flyers, our glorious Teal Jedi are out there on the streets of our community sharing the good news every day! 


Monique and her campaign team just want to say THANK YOU!  WE SEE YOU.  WE HEAR YOU.  And we just want to let you know that we are working our hearts out to make all of your contributions count.

With this kind of people power, we may just have the push we need to get us over the line.

But we need your help to turn this momentum into a landslide! Here are a few things you can do as we barrel towards the election:


Vote Mon 1

No doubt about it, Mon’s our number 1.  

And thanks to lady luck, she’s already leading the pack on the ballot paper. 

We all know to Vote Mon 1. But what should the rest of your ballot look like? 

Well, that’s entirely up to you. Monique thinks Kooyong voters are smart enough to choose their own preferences in line with their own values. 

So Vote 1 Mon and help us make a better Australia.

Want to let people know where Mon stands this election? Why not share her How to Vote card and a link to her policy priorities on your favourite social platform, #Mon4Kooyong. 

In the meantime, we all know what we have to do:  chop wood, carry water, 500 votes.  


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