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Let’s Do This Kooyong!

It’s on! Action stations, everyone. 

This election is finally happening…and the adrenalin is pumping. We’re part of a historic movement and there’s no stopping us now!

Our polling has confirmed what we have been hearing for weeks on the streets of Kooyong – there is a groundswell of community support for Monique and the strong possibility of an historic upset victory.  

This is a campaign that was born in the community from a belief that there is a better way of doing politics.  

This is a campaign that has brought together people from all political persuasions who are committed to the idea that we can do better – that we can have climate action, a strong economy based on renewables, integrity and accountability in politics, and true equality and respect for women.

This is a campaign where thousands of people have come together in hope and in joy, contributing in every way possible and sharing the news about Dr Monique Ryan, our Independent candidate for Kooyong.

We are so close, so very very close.  

But we need you now more than ever to turn this groundswell into a landslide. 

It is not too late to hop aboard ‘Mon Ryan’s Express’ to help us win this election. 

There are three ways you can help:  volunteer, donate and/or put up a sign to show your support.

Join our volunteer crew!

Our door-knocking army is growing faster than we can print maps for!  We have nearly reached our original goal of knocking on 20,000 doors but with your help, we can now reach the entire electorate before early and postal voting begin in May.  

Come and help us knock on doors – all newbies will be paired with an ‘old pro’ – and everyone who does it, loves it.  

Next week we will start phone calling, reaching out to undecided voters and people living in inaccessible apartment buildings. Our phone-calling team is small but mighty and we have a lot of work to do to catch up with the door knockers, and to convert their ‘undecideds’ into votes for Monique.  

Please sign up for a phone-calling team.  Starting next week, we will be running regular phone-calling parties from Mon HQ.  Monique will be leading many of these phone-calling teams herself so it’s a great opportunity to share the feedback, the successes, and the comic moments directly with Mon.  

People power is the life blood of Monique’s campaign and there’s plenty more to do. 

It’s not too late to volunteer!  Join us in changing the way politics is done!

Give what you can!

If you can’t volunteer, please help with a donation!  

Team Mon had been planning for a May 14 election. The extra week gives us one more week to advertise, to send out flyers, and to share the news about Monique.  

But it is also an extra week of expenses – digital and outdoor advertising, rent, staff, speciality software and services. 

Donations are crucial to keep our advertising and campaign operations ticking over.

We know that Josh Frydenberg is spending millions of dollars to try to hold Kooyong.  You can see it everywhere. Josh also has the benefit of mailouts, funded by our tax dollars.  Many of you were spammed by them last week. 

Did you know that a $1500 donation to Josh today is tax-deductible whereas a $1500 donation to Monique today is not?  (Donations to parties are tax-deductible for the entire electoral cycle. Donations to Indies are tax-deductible for only a few weeks before the election day).

The whole system is rigged to favour the incumbent and the parties. The political donations system has to change and Monique will be leading that charge when she gets to Canberra.   

Our 1600+ generous donors have helped Monique compete on a grossly unlevel playing field – a playing field that is rigged to benefit the parties and the incumbents. Can you please help Monique campaign as hard as possible all the way to election day?

If you can help us travel those last few steps to election day, please donate now!

The sign of things to come!

There is a reason why veteran political journalist David Crowe is talking about ‘Mon Mania’ in Kooyong.

As of today, we have nearly 2000 signs up in Kooyong’s yards and businesses. 

We are climbing in the polls, the media is paying attention and the Liberals are mounting an attack campaign on Monique.  This is just further proof that our message is getting out there on our own signs that our wonderful donors have paid for. 

But we need to keep going if we want to outshine the competition

Show your community who you’re backing this election – you can still sign up! Get a big ‘real estate-style’ sign for your fence or front yard or a more compact option with our classic ‘corflute’.  

Yes! Sign me up – large (‘real estate’ size)

Yes! Sign me up – regular (‘corflute’ size)

And finally, please keep spreading the word!

The people close to us have a huge impact on how we see the world. Every conversation you have, every post you share, has an influence on the people who know and trust you. 

Kooyong is going to come down to a few hundred votes. So everything you do to spread the word counts. 

Here are some things you can do over the next six weeks to help our grassroots campaign make it over the line. 

  • Chat with friends and neighbours about this campaign
  • Share this email with your family, your friends, your neighbours and your colleagues 
  • Take a picture in your campaign T-Shirt, and post it on the socials
  • Post a link to our donation page 
  • Buy some campaign merchandise and wear your support around town!

Don’t forget to tag your posts #Mon4Kooyong. Keep sharing the love!



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