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Statement on Gaza from Dr Monique Ryan MP

Rafah is the last place left to take shelter in Gaza. More than 1.3 million civilians are crowded into the small border town, with nowhere to go.

I hold grave concerns for the civilians of Gaza following reports that the Netanyahu government is planning a ground incursion into Rafah. If it proceeds as planned, this action by Israel's military will almost certainly have devastating consequences for civilians.

Hamas has committed atrocious crimes against Israel and continues to hold Israeli hostages. Many are now believed to have been killed. I strongly support the calls for Hamas to immediately release all hostages.  

With its military response, the Netanyahu government has killed an appalling number of Gazan civilians. It is not consistent with international humanitarian law. It is not justifiable. The Netanyahu government should listen to Australia and the many other nations urging for an immediate and enduring humanitarian ceasefire.   

As the war continues, we must work to maintain social cohesion at home. I condemn the rise in antisemitism and Islamophobia in our country. I condemn the malicious and intimidatory publication of private details of Jewish chat group members.

All leaders have a special responsibility to foster social cohesion in their communities. The values which unite us as Australians - generosity, compassion, and inclusiveness — must be stronger than any religious or political differences.

14 February 2024

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