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Response to Chief Minister Natasha Fyles' comments today on Middle Arm

Chief Minister Fyles' personal name-calling at the National Press Club today
does a disservice to the children and grandchildren of the NT, whose health is
at risk due to the Middle Arm project and prospect of fracking in the Beetaloo

With Middle Arm and fracking in the Beetaloo Basin, the Federal and NT
Governments are unleashing a 1.4 million tonne carbon bomb that will
accelerate climate change and risk creating a new 'Cancer Alley' that will put
Territory lives at risk.

Despite this, the Chief Minister has repeatedly refused to meet the dozens of
local paediatricians who have already raised these concerns with her.
That's why more than 1,200 medical professionals have signed an open letter
urging a halt to Middle Arm, and why more than 80 doctors are coming to
Canberra on Tuesday next week -- to ask the Federal Government to show
the leadership that the NT Government is not demonstrating.

Doctors vow to do no harm. That's why they are fighting to stop Middle Arm.
We just had the hottest July on record. We are amid a 1-in-7-million year sea
ice event. The planet is boiling .The NT Chief Minister should spend more time
caring about climate change, and less time sledging highly-respected Darwin

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