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Monique Ryan Hansard 18 October 2023 Speech on Israel

I rise to support this motion by the Prime Minister. I unequivocally condemn last week's attacks on Israel by Hamas. The decision of Hamas to attack Israeli towns and villages was indefensible.
The heinous acts of these terrorists, the targeting and murder of civilians, the taking of Israeli hostages and the murderous and indiscriminate rocket fire were inexcusable and abhorrent. We should not, and we must not, equate Hamas with the civilian population of Gaza, which this week, along with the Israelis, is paying the price for Hamas's reprehensible actions. Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people. It does not reflect their needs and their aspirations. They, the Palestinian people, deserve better. There is no path to peace, safety, justice or freedom via aggression and war, via the attacks undertaken by Hamas on 7 October 2023.

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