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Kooyong is Leading the Country

We're leading the nation on our Voice campaign. 

Esteemed columnist and former Liberal staffer Niki Savva wrote this in The Age this morning:

[Monique Ryan], with more than 200 volunteers — up from 12 six weeks ago — doorknocked more than 6,000 homes. She says they are on track to knock on every door in Kooyong well before the referendum…

Niki Savva in The Age on Thursday, 20 July

It’s true.

While Peter Dutton is spearheading the negative ‘No’ campaign and dragging his Liberal colleagues even further to the right, Kooyong is leading the country with its efforts to secure a ‘Yes’ vote in the Voice to Parliament referendum.

Our work on the referendum cannot be paid for out of the office budget —instead, we rely on ordinary people in our community who aren’t willing to stand by while Peter Dutton’s Liberals hold us back.

Our Community Organiser, Conal, has helped us hand out hundreds of yard signs, trained dozens of volunteers, run events and shared materials here in Kooyong — and he’s now helping us work alongside Yes23 to share our expertise with community groups and campaigns across the country.

Driven by our incredibly hard-working volunteers, the Voice campaign is our way of doing politics differently.

This referendum is too important for us to do anything less. Standing up on issues like this is why I was elected.

With the referendum coming down to the wire, anything our community can do to grow the ‘Yes’ vote will go a long way.

With your help, Kooyong made history last year. Let’s do it again.

All the best,

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