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Independent Dr Monique Ryan urges government to support our most vulnerable

Independent MP for Kooyong, Dr Monique Ryan, is calling on the Federal Government to increase the support provided via Jobseeker, Parenting Payment Single, rent assistance and related payments, as was recommended this week by the Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee and Women’s Economic Equality Taskforce.

“We’re in a cost-of-living crisis”, Dr Ryan said. “Homelessness Australia has told us that students are being left with as little as $13 dollars a day to live on, as the Youth Allowance has failed to keep up with rents, which have increased by as much in 24% in the last 12 months."

“Most people on the Jobseeker and Parenting Payment Single are living in poverty. About a third of single parents are also below the breadline; this affects their children’s physical and mental health, as well as their own. Our support of single parents is an investment in our future. Those children need our support - not until they turn eight - but until they’re 16".

"The government’s panels of experts have agreed that we need to increase unemployment, student and parenting payments. They’ve told us that inadequate supports entrench poverty and create barriers to seeking employment. Increased support payments will go back into our economy as people spend money on the necessities they can’t currently afford. We need to listen to the experts."

"I urge the Albanese government to make an important investment in our country’s future - by supporting the unemployed to rejoin the workforce, helping students to complete their studies, and assisting single parents in raising the next generation of Australians."

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