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I'm Giving Away My New Limited Edition Tote Bags

I wanted you to be the first to know about my new Cost Of Living Community Survey

Some exciting news!

Well, two pieces of exciting news. First of all, I wanted to let you know about my next survey before we share it with the rest of the community later this next week.

Everywhere I go, you tell me the government should be doing much more to address the cost of living crisis. I couldn’t agree more.

The cost of housing — both mortgages and rents — are higher than ever before. The supermarket shop is too expensive. Energy bills are too high.

I promised to do politics differently when I was elected, and these surveys are a crucial element of that promise.

As an Independent, my top priority has been getting out in the community, listening to you, and acting on your concerns. This survey will help inform how I push the government to properly address the cost of living crisis.

That’s the first exciting piece of news.

The second is that we’re giving away 10 of our limited edition #CleanUpPoliticsAct tote bags.

My office will randomly select 10 of the first 500 respondents to be the first to receive the new tote bags pictured here.


Our community has an important role to play in pressuring the government to do more when it comes to the cost of living crisis. There’s a lot to do, and I’m looking forward to reading your survey responses.

In this newsletter, an update on a few recent local events in Kooyong, some pictures from the fantastic Midsumma Pride March, and a Happy Lunar New Year to all.

Leaders are everywhere in Kooyong

Before Parliament resumed on Tuesday, I took the opportunity to accept as many invitations to community events as I could.

I had the privilege of presenting leadership badges to the new student leaders of Auburn High School, and the honour of attending events to celebrate Lunar New Year.

I also had the privilege to attend an exhibition of the work of Les Lipwurrung arranged by Empowering Community Growth, a community organisation dedicated to supporting grassroots and fair-trade community work.

The Fabulous Midsumma Pride March

Thank you to all of the wonderful participants that joined us at Sunday’s Midsumma March in St. Kilda.

Alongside Zoe Daniel’s office, we marched 40-strong down Fitzroy Street in a heartwarming demonstration of support for the LGBTQIA+ community. The sun was shining and the tunes were pumping as the teal/rainbow army marched in full force.

A huge thanks to the volunteers and organisers who help put this event together - we’ll be back next year!

As always, my team and I are here to help where we can.

All the best,

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