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History is Calling

History is calling.


The last time I asked this community to put yard signs at the front of your houses, over 4,000 of you answered the call.

It was the most yard signs ever distributed in a federal election, and it worked — we made history by electing Kooyong’s first independent.

Now it’s time for us to do it again.

I’m hoping we’ll all wake up the day after the referendum and stand a little taller knowing we’ve finally recognised the first inhabitants of this continent in our Constitution.

And I want to wake up knowing that this country has wholeheartedly rejected the Liberal Party’s callous and divisive ‘No’ campaign. I know we’re better than that - but we need to make that point loudly to get this referendum over the line.

For too long, we’ve made policies for and about First Nations Australians — not with them.

It’s not working. The gaps aren’t closing. So let’s try something different.

There’s more — if you find three others to sign up to my newsletter, we’ll send you our special ‘Kooyong Votes Yes’ bumper stickers.

And if you get 10 others to sign up to my newsletter, we’ll send you a ‘Kooyong Votes Yes’ t-shirt.

We love a campaign t-shirt.

Speaking of volunteers — I also wanted to congratulate our incredible team of almost 200 Voice volunteers who have been busy knocking on doors over the past couple of months.

With almost 6,000 doors knocked, we are storming towards our goal of knocking on every door in Kooyong before the referendum.

We’ve done it once before — it’s time to make history again.

Let’s do this, Kooyong.

P.S. If you or someone you know is under the age of 25 and wants to help out in the Voice referendum, tell them to click here and come along to our Youth Voice Forum on Monday 14 August in Hawthorn. See you there.

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