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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Six days out from the election and Team Mon is at Kooyong Base Camp preparing for our final ascent. 

Every time we have called out for help, our amazing volunteers have stepped up.  

Pre-polling opened last Monday and we’ve had more than 100 volunteers every day at each of the two biggest booths (Hawthorn and Box Hill) as well as volunteers at three other booths outside of the electorate.



Yesterday was our biggest day yet out on the hustings. While scores of volunteers were handing out How To Vote cards at pre-poll locations and hundreds out door-knocking and handing out flyers, with only an hour’s notice, 200 volunteers rocked up to Kew Junction at midday to lament the overnight removal of our beautiful murals.  

It was an astonishing and joyful display of community solidarity and determination – active hope!

You can read the story of our murals here (you don’t need a twitter account to read it).

Meanwhile new volunteers are still pouring in the door every day, gearing up for an unprecedented show of community support for Monique on election day.

But Mon still needs you to help us make history!

This is our very last call for volunteers.  We need more volunteers for Election Day.  And in a closely contested election, the work of our scrutineers is going to be vital to ensuring that every single vote for Monique is counted properly.  So if you are able to spare a few hours on election day, please sign up to help us get Monique over the line!  

The last training session for scrutineers will be held tomorrow (Monday) night.  So please don’t delay in signing up to help us ensure that every vote for Monique is properly counted.

How to Vote!

We’ve heard a few reports of Monique’s supporters forgetting to number all of the boxes on the ballot.  So please, if you are handing out How to Vote cards at pre-poll or on election day, make sure you tell every single person:  VOTE MONIQUE 1 AND THEN NUMBER EVERY OTHER BOX.  ALL 11 BOXES MUST BE NUMBERED TO MAKE YOUR VOTE VALID.

It’s impossible to say this too often. So don’t be embarrassed or shy.  Studies show that people need to hear something seven times before it really sinks in!  Let’s make sure that every vote for Monique is a valid vote.


If you haven’t yet encountered our brilliant Youth4Mon team, you are missing out!  

Even if you don’t have a TikTok account, you can see one of their great videos here.  (Make sure you have the sound on!).

And full credit to these inspiring young people for producing THE BEST political authorisations ever known. Just another way that Mon’s campaign is making history. 

You give us energy and joy!

Election Night Celebration

Our election night party is close to a sell out!  If you have not already done so, please register now.  There will be plenty of food and drinks and Antony Green will be with us on TV screens around the venue, for those of us who will be hanging off every number….

Book your place now at Monique’s election night party! 


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