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14 Days That Sums Up What Being A Community Independent Is All About

At the election, I promised politics done differently.

Being a good local representative is extremely important to me.

So many of the really important parts of this job happen away from the bright lights of Canberra.

I’ve worked hard with my team to set up an electorate office that not only responds to every request for help that comes in, but also gets out into the community as much as possible to hear what matters to you.

My ambition is to put community at the heart of politics again. What we’ve done over the past 14 days reflects the way my team and I want to represent Kooyong.

In the past two weeks, we’ve:

  • Hosted four community events — a cost of living forum, an NDIS forum with NDIS Minister Bill Shorten (click here for a recording), and two briefings from scams experts to help educate our community on the danger scammers pose;

  • Visited five schools — where I saw the incredible work our teachers do every day;

  • Visited several other groups and organisations in the community organisations, including Broughton Hall Aged Care Residence and the Lifelong Learners’ Group at Hawthorn Community House, as well as attending the Rotary Club of Hawthorn’s 70th Anniversary;

  • Held three pop-up offices — where I chatted to members of our community outside train stations and in front of shopping strips to hear your thoughts and concerns; and

  • Managed to sneak in one weekend doorknocking session in which I talked members of our community about their concerns, and about the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum.

Hearing from the community about your challenges and hopes, and sitting down with my team and working out how we can best help, is the best part of the job.

Read on for information about the upcoming Electrify Boroondara Expo, an update on the Voice referendum, and some important news about half-price prescription medications.

Get Ready For The Electrify Boroondara Expo!

Addressing the climate crisis will involve changes to a lot of different aspects of our daily life, including our work, our homes, and our cars.

While some of that change will be shaped by Parliament, a lot of it is up to us. The choices we make about how we power our homes and cars matter more than ever.

That’s why I’m excited to support the Electrify Boroondara Expo, an exciting day designed to inform our community about electrification and energy efficiency.

Join us on the day to listen to inspiring speakers, talk directly with suppliers and learn about practical solutions to start your electrification journey.

It couldn’t come at a better time. Amid a cost of living crisis, it’s a great opportunity to learn about how electrification can help the family budget, while also tackling the climate crisis.

I’ll see you there.

History Is Calling

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced the date for the Voice referendum: October 14.

I have been supporting the Voice since the day I was elected.

I promised our community I would be a compassionate, inclusive representative who would not only advocate for Kooyong, but also do all I can to make our country more inclusive and equitable.

Doing what’s right is not always popular. But I wasn’t elected to be just another politician, and I take seriously my responsibility to reflect the values of our community in everything I do.

Beginners always more than welcome.

An Important Update On Half-Price Medication

From 1 September, the way millions of Australians buy their prescription medications changed.

Over six million Australians will get their prescription medications for half-price thanks to a change from 30-day dispensing to 60-day dispensing. This change applies to hundreds of common medications for chronic conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol and hypertension.

I was the first to call for this change in Parliament in March, and I worked hard to get the change across the line.

The change delivers major cost of living relief, right when it’s most needed. It’s great to see the Federal Government make such a meaningful change to our healthcare system. I’ll continue to work to improve the affordability and accessibility of our healthcare system.

What’s On With Mon

Buying a house — or renting — has never been more challenging. With mortgage repayments rising, so many in our community are having to make tough choices about what to buy and what to go without.

That’s why I’m hosting an in-person panel discussion and Q&A, featuring experts from across the housing sector, to explore what the Federal Government should do to help make homes more affordable to buy and rent.

The Electrify Boroondara Expo is designed to inform our community about electrification and energy efficiency.

To help fix the climate crisis and lower your energy bills, come along to the expo.

You’ll hear from inspiring speakers and have the chance to talk directly with suppliers to learn about practical clean energy solutions.

When you elected me last year, I promised politics done differently. Town halls like this one are a key part of that commitment: I’m taking seriously my responsibility to hear from the community, listen to your feedback, and represent your values in Canberra. It’s all part of my vision to put community at the heart of politics again.


As always, my team and I are always here to help where we can.

All the best,

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