How the government can unlock the electric car market

On 1 July, the Albanese government will roll out its signature electric vehicle (EV) policy – an electric car discount removing the 5% import tariff on some imported EVs and the 47% Fringe Benefits Tax on electric cars provided by employers

‘It’s official’: Independents take over as formal election results are declared

The results in more than 40 seats up for grabs at the federal election have been formally declared.

They include the Melbourne seat of Kooyong – won by independent Monique Ryan from former treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

How a political novice took down Australia’s treasurer

Spurred by one of the most sophisticated campaigns in Australian history, the campaign of paediatrician Dr Monique Ryan had grown from one-in-10 Kooyong votes in January to a position by budget night where Liberal Party research had her ahead by 4 points.

The Election Battle and 'Nicer' Politics

It’s an election result unlike any other – a change in government coinciding with a shift away from the major parties and an overwhelming endorsement of female ‘teal’ independents, driven by disillusioned female voters.

Inside the campaign that unseated Frydenberg

Four insiders explain how a grassroots campaign helped Monique Ryan topple federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg and take Kooyong off the Liberals for first time since 1945.

Ryan claims victory after defeating Frydenberg in Kooyong

Independent Monique Ryan addressed supporters at her campaign headquarters after former treasurer Josh Frydenberg conceded he had lost the seat of Kooyong.

Independent Monique Ryan On The Cusp Of Ousting Treasurer Josh Frydenberg In Kooyong

In what could be one of Liberal's biggest losses of the election, Josh Frydenberg is in danger of losing the seat of Kooyong. We speak to Dr Monique Ryan, who looks to have cost the Treasurer his seat.

Victorians shun Liberal Party in favour of independents

Monique Ryan ousted Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in Kooyong, as ex-journalist Zoe Daniel stripped Goldstein from Liberal hands for the first time.

'Teal' independent Monique Ryan set to claim victory in Kooyong

The independent set to claim a historic win in the blue-ribbon seat of Kooyong.

Josh Frydenberg faces federal election loss in Kooyong, as 'teal' independent Monique Ryan pulls ahead

Deputy Liberal leader and outgoing Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says it will be "difficult" but not impossible to hold onto his inner-Melbourne seat of Kooyong, where independent Monique Ryan appears likely to claim victory.

Independent Monique Ryan matches Josh Frydenberg's primary vote

Independent candidate Monique Ryan has matched the primary vote numbers of treasurer Josh Frydenberg in the seat of Kooyong.

Ryan says ‘imagine what we can do in Parliament’ after voting rule change

A COVID-19 rule that could have prevented up to 200,000 people from voting has been changed after independent Kooyong candidate Monique Ryan threatened legal action in the Federal Court.

Monique Ryan's legal action over COVID voting barriers

The AEC will allow people who tested positive from 6pm on Tuesday to vote by phone, but those who tested positive earlier were supposed to apply for a postal vote.

Independent candidate Dr Monique Ryan is supporting a Federal Court action to try to ensure that people with COVID can vote tomorrow.

Independent preparing legal challenge after COVID-positive voters locked out of election

Lawyers for Kooyong independent Monique Ryan are preparing to file a Federal Court challenge against the Commonwealth over the rules disallowing some COVID-infected Australians from voting by telephone.

Shock poll reveals Frydenberg facing loss of seat

Independent challengers are on track to knock off senior Liberals Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Tim Wilson, according to shock new polling that shows the federal government is more successfully repelling the teal wave in New South Wales.

If female 'teal' independents can shift power in politics, imagine what's possible beyond the election

There is good reason to think this election will be a very different one. This time around, a record number of women are standing as independent candidates. If enough are successful, it could decide the next government.

Bad vibes: How a new wave has shaken Josh Frydenberg’s throne

But this is 2022, barely a fortnight before a federal election. The promise of the future is no longer clear, and this area that has been Frydenberg’s home and his political fortune - the electorate of Kooyong - is looking shakier for the Liberal Party by the day.

The treasurer v the doctor: Debate crystallises the Kooyong conundrum

Had a stranger to Kooyong wandered into the Hawthorn Town Hall on Thursday and copped an earful of the debate between Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and independent rival Monique Ryan, they might not have realised that one of them is an experienced politician and the other an amateur aspirant.

IN FULL: Josh Frydenberg, Monique Ryan face off at Kooyong People's Forum debate

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and independent candidate Monique Ryan have fielded wide-ranging questions from voters in the Sky News Australia Kooyong People's Forum debate.

Kooyong Independent responds to Josh Frydenberg attack

Monique Ryan is running against Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in Kooyong, which will be a seat to watch on election night.

Liberal candidates finding themselves wedged between colleagues and 'teal' Independents

Conflicts within the Coalition over climate change are causing headaches for some inner suburban Liberal MPs around the country, wedged between Independent challengers and their conservative colleagues.

Frydenberg caught in ‘debate lie’ with independent opponent Dr Monique Ryan

A war of words broke out over Twitter yesterday, when National Treasurer and current member for Victoria’s seat of Kooyong, Josh Frydenberg accused independent opponent, Monique Ryan of refusing a publicly televised debate with him.

My father was Liberal premier, but I can’t support his party

Fifteen months ago, Josh Frydenberg asked if we could get coffee. Today, I’m the volunteer manager for Monique Ryan – leading her 1500 volunteers in an attempt to unseat him. How did this happen?

Frydenberg rival scores ballot top spot

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s main rival for the blue-ribbon Melbourne seat of Kooyong has drawn first place on the ballot paper.

Polling Shows Independent To Take Over Frydenberg

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is under pressure in his Blue-Ribbon seat of Kooyong, according to new polling.

Kooyong poll points to loss for Frydenberg

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg's Victorian seat of Kooyong could fall to an independent, a new poll shows.

The UComms poll of 847 residents conducted on April 12 found independent candidate Monique Ryan held a 59 to 41 per cent two-party preferred lead over Mr Frydenberg in the inner-Melbourne electorate.

Blue-ribbon Vic seats face teal threat

Newcomers to the inner-Melbourne electorate of Kooyong could be forgiven for not knowing its history as a blue-ribbon Liberal stronghold.

Wandering the streets, residents are confronted by a sea of teal, the colour that has become a symbol for many independents trying to unseat often deeply entrenched politicians. In Kooyong, paediatric neurologist Monique Ryan is gunning for federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

Battle lines drawn as Kooyong voters put on notice

Residents of Melbourne’s genteel eastern suburbs of Hawthorn, Kew and Balwyn would have been forgiven for thinking the federal election is mere days away.

Their seat of Kooyong is awash with blue and teal signage – an in-your-face illustration of the threat posed by climate-focussed independents in Liberal heartland, where the conservatives are set to spend up to $2 million, and where new polling suggests the Coalition vote has dipped.

Monique Ryan interview with Tian Hua

Monique Ryan interview with Tian Hua of News With Tian Hua

‘Threatened’ Frydenberg splurges on billboards

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Monique Ryan, the independent backed by Simon Holmes à Court running against Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in Victoria’s Liberal heartland of Kooyong.

She is referring to Camberwell Junction at the corner of Burke, Riversdale and Camberwell roads, which resembles something closer to Times Square than an inner suburb of Melbourne.

Frydenberg goes local in Kooyong

Josh Frydenberg is increasingly relying on his strong following in conservative booths in the seat of Kooyong to stave off a big-spending independent amid claims of a stale Morrison government.

Why Dr Monique Ryan gave away her dream job to challenge the Treasurer at the election

When Dr Monique Ryan talks about her job as director of the neurology department at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, she gets a little bit choked up.

It’s a role she held for seven years, and as she told Women’s Agenda recently, it’s an important job, and one she loved every day she was there. But she’s now chosen to step away from it to stand as an independent candidate at the next election, challenging federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in the seat of Kooyong in Melbourne.

‘The LNP are feeling threatened’: the growing ambition of independents challenging Coalition MPs

Vivienne Kane is part of a group of 70 volunteers writing letters to the editor in order to unseat the federal treasurer.

The 64-year-old lives in Kooyong, the electorate held by Josh Frydenberg since 2010. She is volunteering for Prof Monique Ryan, the head of neurology at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, who was endorsed by the community advocacy group Voices of Kooyong to stand in the seat.

Signs Frydenberg is worried about his seat

A week ago, after Josh Frydenberg finished his sixth interview for the day, his office emailed out a press release. Strangely for the voracious media performer, it was nowhere to be found on his social media feeds, and he hasn’t spoken about it since. But the statement – revealing Frydenberg had abandoned a 2019 election promise to spend $65m on car parks in his electorate – still attracted headlines, none of which were positive for the member for Kooyong.

Meet The Independent Women Who Could Change Australia

As director of neurology at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Dr Monique Ryan has made a life’s work of protecting children. But between the global pandemic and global warming, she began to fear for their future.

Treasurer scraps controversial commuter car park plans for Kooyong

The federal government's controversial promise to build four commuter carparks in Treasurer Josh Frydenberg's leafy Melbourne electorate of Kooyong has stalled.

Frydenberg abandons $65m of car parks in his own seat

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has broken a promise to voters in his own Melbourne seat to deliver four railway station car parks amid growing community anger over the projects and fears they could become a key issue at the looming federal election.

Monique Ryan | Independent voice for Kooyong

Paediatric neurologist and department head Dr Monique Ryan describes how her expertise leads her to a deep understanding of community needs across aged care and adolescent mental health, and how climate impacts every aspect of our lives. She talks about handling high-pressure circumstances and her skillsets in negotiation, and how she seeks out the latest research to inform all her decision-making. She is running for the seat of Kooyong.

Monique Ryan on the fight for Kooyong

Dr Monique Ryan - who is running as an independent candidate for Josh Frydenberg's seat of Kooyong - speaks to 6 News about why she's decided to run.

Libs to spend millions sandbagging key Kooyong and Higgins seats

Up to $2m will be spent by the Liberals in two critical Victorian seats to head off the ambitions of green activist Simon Holmes a Court and rival left parties. Josh Frydenberg is to spend a minimum of $1m in the once-heartland seat of Kooyong, ­already splashing expensive digital billboards across the Melbourne electorate.

Uprising in the Libs’ spiritual heartland as Dr Monique Ryan launches #KooyongVotes campaign

Uprising in the Libs’ spiritual heartland as Dr Monique Ryan launches KooyongVotes campaign

With the scent of coffee in the air and The Triffids’ ‘Wide Open Road’ on the campaign playlist at the Hawthorn Arts Centre on Saturday, Voices of Kooyong launched the campaign for their candidate Dr Monique Ryan to unseat Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

The rise of female independents has the government flailing and floundering for good reason 

Ahead of next year’s federal election, female independents have been announcing their candidacies in electorates across the country, primarily in blue-ribbon seats in Sydney and Melbourne.

SPEECH: Dr Monique Ryan reminds #KooyongVotes we do have a voice, we have a vote

SPEECH: Dr Monique Ryan reminds KooyongVotes we do have a voice, we have a vote

A transcript of Mon's launch speech on

Independent candidate aims to oust Josh Frydenberg from Kooyong seat

The race for the federal seat of Kooyong is underway in Melbourne with a climate-focused, independent candidate ready to take on current MP – Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

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When baby Kinda was diagnosed with a genetic disease all hope seemed lost, but thanks to a medical breakthrough just one dose of a $3.5m drug would save her.

More women are running as Independent candidates for the upcoming federal election

There's a growing list of women running against government MPs, modeled on community campaigns with a focus on key issues. Women like Dr Monique Ryan, Director of Neurology at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital has announced she'll against the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in the blue ribbon Victorian seat of Kooyong ABC NewsRadio's Glen Bartholomew spoke to Cathy McGowan, former Independent MP for Indi.

Neuro-doctor pushes to unseat Treasurer

The director of neurology at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne will try and unseat Treasurer Josh Frydenberg at the next election in 2022.

‘Like taking on Bambi’: The children’s doctor aiming to unseat the Treasurer

Monique Ryan has zero political experience, a 28-page CV, a day job tending to sick kids at the Royal Children’s Hospital and, she believes, the right stuff to depose the federal Treasurer at the next election.