Stacey Cleary 35, Research Physiotherapist, Glen Iris

Stacey believes the elected representative should have an ongoing conversation with the people of Kooyong.  

I feel overwhelmed by our current Government’s inaction. The climate emergency, integrity in politics, treatment of refugees, healthcare, medical research funding and safety of women are all areas of great concern.

I work in healthcare; I see the impact of poor policy in action. Many in our community need support of various kinds. Why isn’t it considered valuable to invest properly in assisting everyone to be safe, and to live full and rich lives? The Government’s attitude of “a fair go for those who have a go” is demeaning. With this attitude and the resulting policies, I do not feel represented by our current local member. That’s why I joined Voices of Kooyong.

Joining Voices of Kooyong allowed me to connect with people in the community wanting to engage and participate in the democratic process. It gave me a sense of optimism. Seeing the recent publication of their Community Consultation has reinforced just how many of us are looking for change.  

"As a community representative, Monique is interested and invested in Kooyong and the diverse views of our electorate. She genuinely listens and wants to understand what people experience with things like education or disability services. She wants to represent the community honestly, with depth." 

A fantastic outcome would be to have Monique elected and continue these conversations. That dialogue is something that has been so incredibly lacking in our electorate. People in Kooyong care about where Australia is heading and they’re sick of being taken for granted. They want their representative to listen, and to represent their values. 

This campaign and the processes that led to it has ignited a fire. People realise they can do something positive, that their hope can have action.  The volunteers are incredible. There’s this collective dream for a better future and the hope for change is so powerful.

The Kooyong connection

I love being able to go to the park with my family and feel like I'm in the bush, catch the train to the city for work, or jump on the Anniversary Trail with my bike. It’s a beautiful convergence of nature and convenience. 

Footy team

The Bombers! I’m just waiting to relive that 2000 season glory.