Nancy 60, Medical Advisor in the aged care sector, Kew

Nancy says female independents focus on outcomes that matter to the community.

I came to Australia with my family in 1970 and have really enjoyed and benefited from the free, socially conscious, democratic system we live in. 

I trained as a medical doctor and worked in general practice for about 13 or 14 years, and then moved into public health because my interests lay more and more with systems changes, policy improvements and how we can do better for the whole population. 

Over the last decade, I've become disillusioned at how our elected officials do not govern. Within aged care and through COVID, I realized how appallingly deficient our current system of government is and how there is lack of leadership in areas where it really matters. 

In the last 20 years, there has been over 20 different reviews, investigations or commissions into aged care. They all tell us the same thing; the system performs poorly and is failing our elders.  This is not news. We know what we need to do - the issue is a total lack of political will or courage to do anything meaningful and invest over the long term.  

"I'm so sick of standing by and feeling completely helpless. I want to have a voice and make a difference."

For me, leadership is about people who understand that it's not all about them and what they think. 

Monique is a listener and she is curious, humble and willing to learn from others. I know people who've worked for and alongside her and I am enormously impressed with her courage, honesty, sense of humility and utter lack of ego. 

I think it’s no accident most independent candidates are capable, smart, intelligent, courageous women. If we have more independent women in parliament, it will be less about ideology and egos and more about outcomes that matter to the community.  Women tend to be less adversarial and confronting. We can continue dialogues in the face of disagreement.

The Kooyong connection 

I have a huge affinity for the natural bush and that’s why my favorite spot around here is Hays Paddock. It’s not a precious, English garden, it’s very bushy and natural. 

Footy team

Sorry, I don’t enjoy footy. One of my key loves is bush walking. I’m incredibly lucky to have the health and financial wellbeing to still be able to do supported walking holidays with my husband.