Qingze (Mark) 26, Recently Graduated Honours Student in Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies (ANU)

Mark is frustrated with local representation and wants the Chinese Australian community in Kooyong to know their vote matters.

I feel a lot of Chinese Australians are uncomfortable and concerned about the status quo in a country that is not as welcoming as it was. 

There were some racial incidents last year due to the Coronavirus, which none of us were individually responsible for. The community was torn to shreds. 

This dog whistling was never part of the fabric of Kooyong that I grew up in. And it hurts me. I thought I was safe, that I was part of this community. To feel that you've been othered by something out of your control is absolutely something I cannot stand for. 

There's been no overt condemnation and not much outreach to the community about how they've been alienated or how they feel about this. Things are further compounded by the existing tensions between Australia and China at the international level. 

"We’ve been neglected and we need to stand up. I feel compelled to help with Dr Ryan’s campaign because you can feel the palpable discontent with the current government."

 Sometimes politics is a very dirty game, and it turns people off. But this is a very important election for our lives and the next generation. So, we are going out there. We're listening to the Chinese Australian electors in Kooyong and making sure they are informed about what their vote means.

The Chinese community has massive potential to feel that we are a crucial component of the voting system, just like everyone else in this country. 

The Kooyong connection

I’m a product of this amazing electorate. I went to Glenferrie Primary School and Balwyn High.  You could plonk me in any street in Kooyong and I could find my way home quickly. Although I study in Canberra, Kooyong is home. You can take the boy out of Kooyong, but you can’t take Kooyong out of the boy.

Footy team

I’m a big Richmond fan. Can’t wait to get back to Melbourne to see them play.