Jedidiah 25, Agricultural Scientist, Hawthorn

Jedidiah thinks independents can be much more responsive to their communities. 

I grew up on the far south coast of New South Wales in a small town near Bega. A lot of my friends lost their houses in the bushfires that ripped through the area in 2019. Since then, there's been a huge cry for climate action that hasn't been answered.

An independent can reflect the views of the public and push strong policies for change. 

My parents and grandparents are all strong unionists, so I always voted for Labor, but having a candidate who can represent what the majority wants, not what the majority would settle for, without having to walk the party line, is really beneficial. Someone like Jacqui Lambie is not siding with the left or right of politics, she’s representing her community.  

Volunteering on Mon’s campaign, there's a really strong sense of community and people are there to work towards something. Peoples’ willingness to contribute ideas and give new things a go is really cool. 

I have volunteered for a few campaigns in the north of Melbourne and the community's response to this campaign is one I've never seen. When I door knocked previously, people slammed the door in your face but with this campaign, the community is receptive and willing to listen.

"What I'd like to see from Kooyong is a bit of outward thinking with more energy skewed towards giving back to the community. In the last nine years, we've seen a lot of policies geared to big businesses and very little done on environmental policy, refugees or building up our regional areas."  

I think we are very privileged in this area - we have a very good life. It would be nice to see Kooyong function in a way that gives back to the country.  

The Kooyong connection

One of the things I love about this area the most that you don't get in the north of Melbourne is the native birds due to the all the native bushes and trees. It's a lot nicer in terms of nature than many other suburbs in Melbourne.

Footy team

I'm from New South Wales so the family’s team is the Sydney Swans, but I much prefer watching the cricket.