Christine Ryan 75, Volunteer, Surrey Hills

Christine says independents can be a catalyst for change.

This independence movement is just fabulous, it’s wonderful. 

I’ve been following it for a while. People like Cathy McGowan, Rob Oakeshott, Andrew Wilkie and Tony Windsor have shown leadership and commitment to representing their communities. 

"One of the reasons I'm hopeful is because there's so many more independents standing in this election. If we can get enough of them on the crossbench, they can influence decisions." 

We've already got the integrity commission bill prepared by Helen Haines and Zali Steggall has prepared a climate action bill. We’ve had major reports about aged care and women at work. All the reporting and research has been done; it’s just been ignored by the current government. The independents will be able to action them. 

As individuals, they are very competent. People are trying to paint them as novices but look at their experience. They might be a novice in parliament, but they're not a novice in terms of consultation, negotiating with other people or running things. They know how to get up to speed on a particular issue. 

Dr Ryan is a highly competent candidate. She has an acute intellect and couldn’t do her job at the Royal Children’s Hospital without a sense of service. I think it’s important she values social justice and is a local person who understands the community.

The fact that most of the independents are women, is absolutely superb. I think that will make a big difference to include their perspective. How can you have a balanced view from a community when 51% are not at the table? 

The Kooyong connection

I'm new to this community - I only moved into this area 18 months ago. My three adult children and eight grandchildren all live within 5km. We are all on the same page of the street directory. I appreciate the proximity to everything and really like living on a small shopping strip with access to public transport.

Footy team

I like a variety of sports and spend my time with family or enjoying the local parks and gardens, especially the Gardiners Creek Trail.