Indrani Tharmanason 61, CFO for IT Start-ups, Surrey Hills

Indrani believes independents can create a positive vision for Australia’s future. 

I’m disillusioned with party politics. Our democratic system allows us to elect people who represent party positions that are worked out based on what will get them elected. They are no longer about principles or visions. 

I feel people have lost sight of what provides motivation, positiveness, and connectivity of communities. They no longer talk about the things that unite us and take us forward. 

When I heard about Voices of Kooyong, I thought that sounded good. I found the kitchen table conversations enlightening because I heard views different to mine. They reinforced that now is the time to see if independents can mix up the whole political system and reinvigorate our democracy.  

"Climate change has been such a big issue for so long. I feel sad when I see schoolchildren protesting and people in power not respecting them as it is their generation we are impacting. Things are already happening, but so much is being driven by the private sector and individuals, not by the federal government."

I've been involved with Australian start-ups for a long time, so I'm a great believer in building in Australia, developing technology, and learning how to be at the leading edge. It is utterly obvious that Australia is well placed to play a big role in renewables, but instead we are tying ourselves to dinosaur thinking. It’s such a loss of potential. 

Another area I'm passionate about is integrity and honesty in politics. I definitely want a federal independent anti-corruption commission.

When I saw the numbers of people volunteering for Monique, I suddenly realized I wasn't alone in wanting this sort of change. There are a lot of people who believe we can do better. 

Whoever you have chosen before, I urge people to give Monique a go. We have to believe things can get better; we shouldn't assume they always have to stay the way they are.

The Kooyong connection

We moved into our house in Surrey Hills 28 years ago. I love the plane trees and the way they mark the seasons by changing colours, losing their leaves and then the green coming up. 

Footy team

No footy team. I'm a keen cyclist and cycle every weekend with a group of Surrey Hills girls. We call ourselves the ‘slick chix’ and our average age is above 60.